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System Architecture Design and Development

The key to any successful project is having the right blueprint that everyone involved understands before any development of the project even begins. The right Design provides our clients with that vision of success. With our StratAlyze Solutions approach we focus heavily on designing solutions that meet the goals of the organization and creates an application that’s easy to manage in the future. Our development of the solution takes into account years of expertise around this technology and includes a detailed rollout and training plan for the ultimate success. Our System Development includes:

  • Forward Looking Requirements are the key to making sure you are not getting a point solution but a tool you can use for multiple years and purposes.
  • Detailed Design Documentation provides the layout of every object that we will build as well as project plans and rollouts.
  • Comprehensive Development of everything laid out in Design coupled with our leading practices, current hardware, and integration and automation process used today.
  • Thorough Testing by administrators and users ensures functionality and promote acceptance by thought leaders.
  • Training and Documentation are often thought of after the fact but at StratAlyze Solutions a well documented solution and well trained team guarantee a successful project