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Cloud Migrations

Considering moving your on-premises application to the cloud? Let StratAlyze Solutions walk you through the steps to migrate as you learn all the new features that come with the cloud. As a part of this migration, StratAlyze Solutions offers a fine tuning process to take full advantage of the power of the cloud. Often times we find with a cloud infrastructure affords clients better processing and reporting speeds. When configured correctly, our clients have seen significant improvements in application speed and power. Our Cloud Migrations include:

  • Assess Current State of today’s challenges, objects no longer used, and processes in place that need to change with the business
  • Consider Changes to processes and procedures as a part of the migration.
  • Review the Art of the Possible through demonstrations and discussions in detail given all the new features and capabilities available on the cloud.
  • Consolidate multiple applications or duplicative administration to reduce application maintenance time and movement of data.