Oracle Data Integration - Pipeline

Are you looking to simplify your data integration process? Oracle recently released a new Pipeline feature that allows multiple jobs to be executed in order without the need for heavy scripting in EPM Automate. With pipeline, the EPM Administrator will have better control and visibility of the data integration process, including the preprocessing and post processing jobs needed for data loading. The EPM Administrator will also be able to create, manage, and execute the pipeline in a more graphical and user-friendly interface.


The 3 A's of Account Reconciliations

Account Reconciliations are a critical part of the Accounting team's close process. Using tools like spreadsheets can make this critical process time consuming and prone to errors. Learn how simple process and tools can alleviate those risk and modernize your close.

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Meet ‘Reports’ the next-generation EPM Cloud reporting

Oracle continues to innovate with a new solution meeting the ever-changing reporting demands from organizations. The new solution, now called just Reports, gives you the formality of reporting tool and the ease of report development

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Corporate Forecasting Post COVID

COVID's impact on the world has reeked havoc. As we begin to see an uptick in businesses and growth again with the hope of a vaccine we have to reset our expectations of the past. In this issue, learn about different options business have when planning for the future and how to overcome the past.


Auto Predict – AI in Oracle EPM

Recently Oracle introduced Auto Predict in their Planning Environments. These feature is true artificial intelligence where Planning predicts your forecast automatically. This blog goes into the details of how Auto Predict can help your business.

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Smart View and Flex Forms

A good reason to update to at least the version of Smart View is the Enhanced Free-Form Support. This new feature is only available within Smart View and allows you to customize the row members within a form. Having the ability to delete, insert and reorder members within a form can be helpful when using large forms. Using an Enhanced Free-Form also allows you to sort and filter members using native Excel functionality.

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Let's Move to Hybrid

In June 2019 Oracle opened up the ability to use Hybrid BSO for EPBCS allowing organizations to drastically reduce calculation times, application size and improve overall performance. Learn how you can take advantage of Hybrid today!


Data Management for Currency Enabled EPM Applications

Have you ever used Oracle's Currency Enabled applications for Planning, PBCS or EPBCS. It's very straight forward and simple to use. Learn about how you can easily load data through Data Managengement in these enabled applications.


Oracle EPM Options for the Cloud

There are several solutions available in Oracle EPM that can make your journey to the cloud easier. Here are a couple that are available in the cloud and on-prem.