Pro Tip 6

Recently Oracle introduced new functionality to allow Drill-Through to the Data Management Landing Page from PBCS Data Forms and Smart View Ad-hoc to Excel. Previously, the only option was to the web browser. The functionality is available via the Options Ribbon, Advanced tab. The setting is called “Drill-Through Launch” and you can either force it to Excel by selecting "In New Sheet" or have it prompt you by selecting "Prompt Me to Choose Target". Personally, I like the second option because your not forced into one option. You can choose the "In Web Browser" if you want to check the drill to source or check mapping details or Excel if you want to do Excel analysis on the detail values.

Pro Tip 5

Getting timeout errors in Smart View? Tired of the screen flickering when retrieving data. Built into Smart View are optimizations that could help.

Go to Smart View-> Help-> Health Check.

Health Check provides a menu with recommended settings. Try them out and see if it helps with your Smart View performance issues!


Data Management for Currency Enabled EPM Applications

Have you ever used Oracle's Currency Enabled applications for Planning, PBCS or EPBCS. It's very straight forward and simple to use. Learn about how you can easily load data through Data Managengement in these enabled applications.