Oracle EPM Options for the Cloud

There are several solutions available in Oracle EPM that can make your journey to the cloud easier. Here are a couple that are available in the cloud and on-prem.

Pro Tip 4

"Leverage the EPM Automate utility to keep your environments in sync:
- The 'Recreate' command restores an environment to a clean state.
- The 'Copysnapshotfrominstance’ command allows the move of an artifact snapshot across cloud instances (i.e. PROD to TEST).
- The 'ImportSnapshot' command imports the contents of a snapshot into the target service environment.
By using EPM Automate you'll avoid any potential browser timeout or file size issues, and you can automate the process by using a task scheduler."

Pro Tip 2

To avoid long calculation scripts in Oracle EPM use the Name, Caption, Description and Comment fields in Calculation Manager. This will avoid all the remarked out comments and make the comprehension of the rule easier to understand. When you print the rule using these fields will make it much more organized and better for documentation.

Pro Tip 3

Want to see web forms calculate immediately in Planning & EPBCS? In the Form Designer select the "Enable Autosave" feature to aggregate children to their parents on the form.