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Oracle PBCS EPBCS Gets A New Look


If you’ve ever worked with any Oracle Cloud solutions outside of EPM you’ve probably noticed that the user interface is slightly different.  The Cards are much bigger and there’s a blue-sky background with clouds in the background instead of the Oracle corporate buildings.  In a continued effort to make the user experience consistent across all applications Oracle will be providing that same look and feel to EPM as many of the other Cloud based applications – ERP, HCM, SCM, etc.  If you haven’t seen it here’s what it'll look like (check out the Oracle video at the bottom as well).



This new look will be available in the May 2019 release so don’t be surprised when you see it.


Some interesting points to keep in mind with this new look include:

  • When you click on a button or card you will see everything available with that process and when you’re within a button you’ll have the option to easily navigate back.
  • If you need to resize your screen because you shrunk it for display purposes all the buttons will now move with the resizing.
  • All vertical tabs for things like forms now cleanly appear on the left.
  • If you already have customized your navigation, you’ll always be able to keep that.  This will be the new default option for you going forward.
  • If you use two applications the source application’s navigation screen will be adopted.


This new update by Oracle is just another step in the direction of making all their application a seamless user experience.  Today’s it’s the user interface but I expect we’ll continue to see tighter integration across all their applications.


For more information on this please see the recently release Oracle video and for more information about this and all new functionality from Oracle EPM contact us at info@stratalyzesolutions.com