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PBCS and EPBCS Administration Just Got Easier


Are you taking advantage of all the new updates added for administrators in PBCS and EPBCS?  Many of the administration tools have a new streamlined look and added functionality. A summary of some of the new updates is listed below


1. Dimension Editing.  We’re all used to editing dimensions one member at a time in the traditional interface of Planning and the cloud.  Maybe you’ve gone a step further and are taking advantage of the Dimension Editor in Smart View (we highly recommend this too).  There’s also a new place to edit dimensions and it’s a much simpler interface.

To access the new interface from the Navigator goto Application -> Overview and you’ll notice a tab called Dimensions.  You’ll see each of your dimension laid out, dense/sparse setting, the evaluation order and even a time stamp as to when the dimension was last modified.  If you click on a dimension you’ll see the typical options on the menu bar at the top with some new features on zooming in, selecting a limited set and freezing and moving columns.  One of the biggest changes is the ability to add multiple members at once. When you click Add Child your prompted by a number field where you can add several children and then update names as needed.  As usual the rest of the fields will take on the parent’s properties. The spreadsheet look and feel of it makes it feel more like Smart View and the ease of maintenance offered by Excel.


2. Data Management.  Traditionally whenever you want to run a manual integration you have to launch Data Management and wait for the old FDM screen to appear as a pop up.  Now, also under the Application card you’ll see Data Exchange and a new tab for Data Integration. It has all the same look and feel of Data Management just with a more modern look and design.  You can run integrations, update mappings and get logs directly from this screen.


3.  Jobs.  Another big update is to the already friendly looking Jobs card, where you can schedule and automate processes without going through EPM Automate.  Oracle continues to add new functions here including Data Mapping, Clearing Cub, Optimize Aggregations and lock down the entire app by putting it in Administration Mode.  We expect to see more and more common admin tasks added to the Jobs card.


In general the sleeker interface Oracle continues to offer make the administration that much simpler.  If you haven’t played with these yet or would like to learn more, please email us.